You can earn. Like the mentality to do the work you love and expect to succeed. See for yourself in the future garuna

Ladies and Gentlemen, how are you all hope and pray that God wants everyone to like. Today, I actually do not like a thing about anything to share today's tune tune. I tune in the last few tunes on Youtube, and was the last tune of some formula. I know that many others did not understand what is actually used to do. Brother and sister who are quite new to them again, tell him I'm a little hurt and started to get started. This means that the future is not scraped started at any time for any bad things that can cause harm to you. Do not be afraid, do not do it any harm, physical harm to your account to speak of.

Anyway, today I will share an image that is sent to me. In fact, my last post on Facebook's love for his work and answer the question that these results. And why not 100% 1000% sure I will come to that income. There's no shortcut to work, however, there is no alternative.

It was a brother of the screen in this state has been working day and night short. His hard work and love for the work and success is only manabhaba hauyara strong results, he has done today. I pray he can earn much more.
However, just like me, he has written his name was still good to see. Many ask me how many brothers, your monthly income? Links will take a look at your channel? How many months do I have to earn a lot more questions. I did not say how much income it's big brother, the thing of it is, or what you are learning how sikhachena. I have many channels, it's important or not important to you how many different channels. How much income do you have before you is how much you enjoy it will work?
Brother, I do not want to lie to the truth of any of the Territory to build a house for me to be that if we can build a hut.
Now, a few questions come to common
1. I can do a lot of my age, I do what I can to be the girl out of the house, I'm a student I can do, I can do what I servicemen, I do not know anything at all I can do ???
Answer: Yes, you can if you must work seriously and must succeed at the Semnan, with manabhaba.
II. How much is your monthly income brother? What channel do you watch?
Answer: The brother asked with interest, but not a sin Asked about sandheha I do not like. Not only me, all I have to say the same link with the people who do not share it with anyone. However, if someone wants to talk to income.
3. Brother, I can earn this much money in sikhale?
Answer: The brother YouTube assigned to a project at the end of the month that the job was no money. I ask myself how much of your income and how much time you can give to her? I hope you will get your answer.
4. I do not have the bank account, the money will aim to develop and DBBL mobile account, then I do?
Answer: The DBBL brother's account, but the bank account as of the end of an extra bank account number, which is used as you can. This means that you can make money with mobile bank account are exempt.
The question was much more common, and there is no more time to write, and forgot
However, those who want to learn brand new, but please tell them brothers and sisters will not get a free hand. If those students whose families do not like the situation with the money to afford it, if you do not like him, I think there are a lot of a lot Free Free sekhacche. But of course not new to Basic's important for others to learn from the basic step if you do not have to wear samasasaya.
The good healthy life, a lot of hope, and I like the house of Allah Hafiz tanachi end of tune
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