"How will the badge apaoyarkae Rising Talent"

Apaoyarka who are new to their jobs anekasamasyara experience, a lot of time working at 21 and does not work. For starters, there is a program in apaoyarka "RISING TALENT" badge.
For starters, this is basically how to write today will be the badge on their account. If you "RISING TALENT" If you want to be what you should have
1. 100% of your professional identity are maintained properly, so your profile is 100% of the order, he should pay attention to.
II. Your availability status must be kept up-to-date all the time. Where do we need to keep up date availability status if you look at the screenshots You can http://prntscr.com/cg5qia
3. Job skills relevant to the subject of the bid will be replayed on a regular basis. There are a lot of skills to your job, but you have to bid for the BSE and data entry job, then you will be deprived of rising talent, skills and relevant job these days because many do not bid apaoyarka ID is suspended. This allows you to see the screen, did not bid because of one's own skills relevant to the job to be suspended at apaoyarka are: http://prntscr.com/cg5tzo
4. Apaoyarka regarding the terms and conditions of service will comply. What are the details of how it will comply with the terms Please visit this link https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211067618
5. Will work when the client, the client's mind as well and try to do the delivery work, as it will increase job success such as "RISING TALENT" likely to be much higher.
6. Before taking the job he did promise to you that in that period of time will correct. That is the task of the client to 5 days if you do not try you within 5 days of the delivery to the task.
7. "RISING TALENT" to be active for 90 days, and you must have a special thing ((Proposal submitted or paid work).
If you follow the above subject in your apaoyarka account "RISING TALENT" will receive the badge.
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  • A "RISING TALENT" after the badge you will get some benefits from apaoyarka it down further:

  • 1. Your profile is a "RISING TALENT" badge will, and which will be noticeable to your client.

  • II. Merit Scholarships so you will be the inclusion of a premium to the top finds clients.

  • 3. You can connect clients to the proposal to submit a one-time bonus of 30 free.

  • 4. You to chat with a support team and will be given access to tickets.

  • 5. Profile personalized tips to help you so that you will be successful in the market place can give your freelance services.
For starters, try out some writing time outside of work, and the complete text taken from apaoyarka all pages, just like I do not know whether we were able to write. I do not know how to write a new, beautiful eyes will forgive mistakes. If in the future we will try to encourage you to write something better. thanks to everyone.
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