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Make Money Tutorial

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to all the sweet morning. Chest filled with hope and love, and a lot more happy tune today. I said, you can make 100% inakama YouTube Yes, you can. If you show me the way to work.
Let's not talk boosted process started
First you have to choose 5 pm Topic Thread I found many of them do not
1. Movie
II. Games (computer)
3. Sports
4. Celebrities
5. Top 10
The name of the channel will be 5 pm to 5 pm the channel will not wait any longer to complete all of these things at least: 1 day
Topic 5 for the first 5 hours to collect the contents and took out the contents of each of these works when he had to dissolve
1. To find out what the word
II. Creating titles
3. Label Collection

Make Money Tutorial

Then you have to do
1. Video images optimized
II. Image SEO
3. Video SEO
4. Optimize Channel
The content of the video as below
Channel made after 5 pm Topics to 5 pm and videos 5 * 5 = 5 video, and again after 10 * 5 = 50 video, then, the 5 * 5 = 5 video, and again after 10 * 5 = 50 means that 30 video channels in a total of 5 150.
Now the video channel 3 pm each day the video was uploaded by a 10-15 day will be able to upload video.

All you have to do is upload the video
1. To give the title (100 word)
II. Description will be (Word 5000)
3. Tag will be (500 wards) highest number of these to be able to use a word that means so much to you
4. Video thumbnails will be a great
This is being done after a while you sort of income will come from the income should be started
Make Money Tutorial
This is a channel of the 5-6 days of my income report this income on my video from a video now look at 5 pm to 5 am and 5 pm on Channel video is a hit, it means that for every $ 1 a day, 7 $ 7 $ 5 * 7 = 35 That's a minimum $ 35 * 4 = 140 and calculated. Now you will depend on how many of the 30 videos will rank higher radiance of view to be able to make the calculations.
There was much more to say and see the like of which I do not, but for the time I do not think that's what I'll also
Before the end of the tune would like to request you all please get off work I've done with the exception of his brother manabhaba Free Free Free Free Free is not all means have to be found.

Ara, who is not at all new, and there are those who have a strong desire to please contact me. Before you can send a friend request me to come back a little at my page if you like it, after all, can give me a massage please do not waste my time for granted.
Bangladesh's like the love you all very much and that's the end of life, are praying for the success of Hafiz Allah
Skype ID is: Syedleo73
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