YouTube who are working but do not succeed, the text for them.

How are you? I came back after a gap of nearly 1 month. 1 month, however, there is no break, I face some problems on the fly, and the plan was to salbha excuse to dissolve. Aranim YouTube video taken from me, who risk losing their excuse salbha time has gone. In Bangladesh, more than 500 over the last 3 months iutiubara my hands started their journey. I am trying to support all of them. Bigenara the brand, they want to start a new link to thearticle on my bigenara can read. And today, I write to those who have already started working. Everyone can dissolve basic measured way, but do not gulai original work. Another thing I noticed is that a lot of people interested in the copyright of the video. No unique or do not want to work with a new video. The main reason, in our country who do not want to be a professional iutiubara want to be one of them. All the day dreams of becoming a billionaire. The video with the copyright for the work I want to work less. But the most interesting thing is that the unique video from video editing copyright banaite less time. There is no risk to banaile unique video and video copyright of view than is available. But none of these cases do not want to work. All Unique Video Creator with certain issues repeatedly to call me. I will list down to dissolve the problem dicchih
1. Topics can not select video.
II. I can not make a video intro.
3. Can not make video autro.
4. Topics can not bring the unique video editing.
5. Making a slideshow video is not good enough.
6. Making of the video can not very well take a paid software.
7. Word can not find what you like.
8. Description can not find what you write.
9. I can not English, the English voice can not for the video.
Thousands came to me this kind of question. Sometimes it is not possible to answer the ekadui line. If you really want to be a professional and Lifetime iutiubara new and unique concept in the course of the work. The new thing takes a little time to work with success, but success started when he'll be surprised when you see your own success. So, I repeat, with the exception of copyright video, working with the unique video work with you one day and you catch dangerous success, she said. They will dissolve the problem is at the top of the face can also follow me on Facebook. And those who are doing good work, but traffic is not very good, tell them to go to work. Very soon I will have success.
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