PTC site about Clixsense reviews No. 1 in the world AZ! Income began to talk about the process of a seven-Kahn !!

Hi everyone started the day tune. The tutorial will show you to post today as the world's No. 1 on the PTC site klikasensa how to open an account, and will work to increase income, including the A to Z!
Referring to the many freelancing income from the Internet, but to many of the questions, I have no experience. How do I get started. At this point you can earn such a method is referred to here. PTC is currently very popular method to earn over time. So you do not need to know anything. Fill the form to become a member, go to their site and click on the link will wait for a few seconds. You'll see your name as soon as the money allocated for the clicks. For those who do not know anything about the Internet, the PTC sites can be ordinary income.

About klikasensa reviews at a glance / Introduction

Clixsense personal ideas did not come to be born ptc Sites. Who is the Father of all ptc site so I'm clixsense. In fact, through clixsense ptc site was launched in 007. For example, you might be surprised Clixsense the only company to add up to those in the United States on tv. Clixsense yayakintu clixsense an excuse to earn thousands of dollars from the sale of these RENTED REFERRAL naapanake which will make all the Direct Referral. At present, the number of members of clixsense about 1 million. Once thought a ptc site, about 1 million members. And since 007 has been paid.More than 80 million transactions a day the amount of their pay is. And it is a rejih by the UK company. Nanadharanera complaint against PTC sites usually have a reputation of working with this site for a long time setulanaya. The system is easy to get money from it. PayPal, the pager will send them along with your name byankaceka. It may be mentioned for the popular site was closed for a long time. The newly allowed. Running and International. Many blog writers with PTC introduced many false way. One of those days where everything went in vain. However, it is undeniable that, with PTC earnings is learning to freelancing.
  • Klikasensa sites are scam free. Checking out faithfully and reviews Click  here

Klikasensa site properties

1. Nowadays, many PTC sites constantly being made. But a few days after the payment is going to be a scam. But clixsense  this is completely free from the payment of the 007 year.
II. Adde than other PTC sites to click, such as clicking a Adde 5 seconds, or 30 seconds, which is 50 more than 1 minute, thus Adde click payment which is less than the time it takes approximately 30 minutes. But it does not much time klikasensa e. In the end, about 5-8 minutes. All ads in a single ad without the rest of the time is 5 seconds.
3. 1st to add a little to be found, such as 5 or 10. He will be 15 when the regular. In fact, attention to whether the site will confirm klikasensa. It does not add more than 4 per day. Adde time to 0.5 seconds.
4. If necessary, you can upgrade and increase revenue without having to refer to. Here you can refer unlimited. To account for this condition is referred to as a need to open an account with as. Then another 00 cents after submission You can refer to your ID.

 Proof of payment of my images and work experience

As previously mentioned in several post puurbabarti almost 3 years ago to work on these PTC common've earned some money. Today's web development, blogging, freelance minor and do not get time to work on other busy due to the PTC.However, from the current three years left before the Creator klikasensa account for about a day and do no work can earn up to $ 180220. Many people are thinking of imagination! Not a fantasy. The mystery of the guys that work on the legal PTC first 7-8 months you will have to work hard on a regular basis. I think when you open an account with the site as a klikasensa in 013. And it would mean less income to $ 3. After 8 months of continuous work regularly do. And follow some tips, such as domestic and foreign blog site to share links referred to, is ayadabhaijim, social, etc., please share it on. As a result of the 3rd month for every US $ 025 of revenue and adyabadhi counting began. So far have been able to withdraw about 130 dollars. Currently my referral number as 900.
  • A. The figure below is my account information to be sent are:
  • B. Proof of payment Proof of payment've got several peijate
Jan 015 Payment
June 015 Payment

Registration Process

  • Now the real work begins. According to the policy, you can register on clixsense any referral ID will be rejih. For example, when you start Advertisement Referral and income growth, there will be quite helpful.You can not sign up for direct referrals. However, it will be recorded as Non Improve ID clixsense servers.When I was Signup Pass through the other had a Referral ID. However, the issue is not rejih in any manner you wish!
  • On their first visit to rejih  here
From there, click on sainaape> Image will be as follows> Please fill in all information
After completing his real name, First name First name Last name part of the show.  Signup  pathabeapanake a link to your e-mail after e-mail to activate it by clicking on a link to go to the habetara after you login by clicking on the login page will be an after-Watching . Some of the information you need to fill in the forum. Signup with email that has made ​​the payment email to e-mail. Since Bangladesh is a paypal only have payza sehateu where you can have an address.
Please click on the link in the e-mail niscita. Their members immediately. Your login name, password used to access your account.

And how to increase income?

  • The first part of the account, log in and click on the View Advertisement> will like the image below. The main thing is to add a click preview to see the end. The ad will show 5 seconds.
  • When you are happy to do as much as you can click. Is allocated for each click. Ed batanera'll see two numbers on the view, there are a few links, other times you'll have the opportunity to click. Click on this button. Links will open. Here, as you basically have to click on the image with respect to the Cat (Cat) e click click it said.
  • Clicking on each link to see how much money it will receive. Generally, from $ 02 up to $ .001. Click on the desired link.
  • Then the timer will start clicking Cats (3 Sec -15-30 Sec) at the end of the Tab looks to add another cut.
  • Do not despair. So are you in favor of your DIRECT REFERRAL naiara bhabatechena RENTED REFERRAL the document can not be done at this site, so what's the point? Samasasa there I'll teach you how you can document DIRECT REFERRAL for CLIXSENSE.
  • Yet like to have the opportunity to earn more than Adde click Task from, Survey, Offers, Game, Clixgard etc.
  • On the other hand accounts can earn through migration. If such a premium version for $ 18 per year will be charged. However, migration is not a problem if you do not.

Direct referral to the formula that CLIXSENSE

  • Click to 6 months. Direct referral without any. Withdraw within 6 months was 21 times.
  • 6 months due to work on the site right now (ie 6 months), you earn $ 18 per month CLIXSENSE said.
  • This does not CLIXSENSE 18 $ Withdraw for two days or more of CLIXSENSE Fixed advertisement to be purchased.
You will see the image below
  • From here, click on the PURCHASE CLICKS. If it looks like the image below to pabenaekhana Buy Unlimited for 2 day. With savings $.
  •  Now click on ADD AN ADVERTISEMENT. Then you will see the image below. From there, select add packages. Here's your money or proceeds via pager dipojita be able to purchase the ADVERTISEMENT.
  • TITLE Title denaathaba as part of his desire to give clixsense-No.1 ptc site
  • Description section, or you can write whatever Clixsense-Many way of earning-Earn 200-300 $ per month.
  • They are part of the URL for you-if you Clixsense Signup at a personal Referral link dibenaya not coincide with anyone else.
  • Referral to http: // to the last copy. Clixsense part of the url and paste it and then click on the add advertisement karenatahale will be introduced for 48 hours. It is expected that a few thousand of the day you will receive the visitor. 0 of about two days to consider the visitor who links to you. Signup by clicking on the link that everyone who is in your Referral. One can imagine how many people Direct Referral. You could hold 80200 Referral. If you continue to receive income from the life of the 00 Referral. Referral from Bangladesh taka per month, or about $ 50200 0 7000 of the money is not something impossible. Who will see their monthly income on klikasensa much more than the number of referral. There are many people who are almost 120 thousand the number of referrals.

Of manure

At the end of the discussion. I hope to work on this process and have ideas about how to collect referral. In fact, many things are possible through hard work. Initially, the work can begin on the Clixsense interest is interest. Then after 5-6 months can increase referral system ayadabharataija purchase. However, in any other PTC sites referrals Clixsense be much higher than the amount of income. However, if you have a blog or social site where you can referral campaign.Finally, one has to follow the tune a little bit of writing success will come in handy. So far today. Stay safe.

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