Easy PHP Larn (Part-1)

I hope everyone is doing well. Many of PHP to write for a long time, but got busy writing love nitabe If you wish to give a gift to tune lot of PHP. 
First, let's take a glance at what the package includes: 
*** PHP Basic tiutariyara (150+ Bengali bhirio tutorial) 
*** Custodian of PHP alley details 
*** 10-15 small projects 
*** 3-4 large projects (each of which is the market price of Rs 1,00,000+)

AP pH needs to learn before .. 
** Basic HTML CSS concept. 
** Lots of patience. 
** Notepad ++ 
do not need anything more than that for now |

PHP PHP learn what you need to learn before you need to know and learn why?
I hope those who have worked with PHP web rijaina and know when something samrpake. Generally speaking, a web Add to rainamika PHP is used. For example, a Web site made its knainta wanted to make a eramina panel. He can change his eramina panel sairera everything. Many would say that Joomla can be easily press or oyarra. Yes, you've be able to fix it easily. Many issues, such as in this case, and you yourself can not sort your eramina panel. C is arranged and the other MS will have to rely on.
Who's sort of like a site that also need to learn AP pH.
AP AP apes of various Management System is an important lesson to be made, such as College Management School, personal accountability software, the company estimates sapta Management, Online results sistama, ERP, etc. Before now, most of the software used on the base came reksatapa. The base can be used on the web from anywhere. As a result, the demand for Web applications pieisapi barachetai days, the SP's demand in the market cumi sky.
Basic PHP and XAMPP in the next phase will be discussed. The next phase of your valuable opinion in the comments *** How to tell if you are well.
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