Who's your WordPress Blog and Blogger on Blogger, WordPress Blog, who will transfer to.

Eid Mubarak to everyone who made my peace and I'm starting to tune.
We know that the WordPress blogging platform for the best. But some of our work in general free for users of WordPress is limited, such as the use of JavaScript and Ad sense Jean-only premium for bloggers.
However, if you want to post and comment on all of your WordPress blogs on Blogger is very easy to transfer successfully.
See the following 3 simple steps anusarana
  • Login in to your WordPress account -> Dashbord> Tools> Export> Now click on Download Export File button. Save the file to a hard drive.
  • Go to this site on WordPress2Blogger now> Choose file button to click and click Convert à à Browse for previously saved files in the Save phaila again.
  • Please Login to Blogger Dashbord> Settings> Blog Tools> Click on Import blog and browse to the location of converted file and import.
Similarly Blogger  Who WordPress Blog See the Transfer
  • Sign in to Blogger
  • WordPress account, go to the post golo sarabena> Dashboard-> Tools-> Import-> Click on Authorize button-> Click on Grant Access button -> Now you'll see your Blogger blog posts -> click the Import button and you are done!
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