Using an app that small talk with anyone, including the type of girl to boy's grandfather and grandmother.

 Friends of the grace of God, I hope you all are doing well. I hope you will forgive any mistakes beautiful sight. I hope you understand what I saw on the title tune.

I will share with you today an app with which you can easily change the voices to speak. If someone has this kind of tune you will forgive me.
There are many people who want to speak the voice change, but as I can not find in the App kano or do not know. 
I'm supposing you actually need to talk to a lot of change in the voice, the madhya sayatani am talking more. For those who are looking at it today, I took over this App.
Through May, son, grandfather, grandmother, and all kinds of voices will change. Is that absolutely clear to everyone that talks.

Download link -  click here.

App of 7.5 mega bytes in size. We do not have any problems, but we will try to resolve problems with. We then come to an end today. Thank you all.
If you will forgive the wrong tune written in haste. So far today. Not very good. good bye.
You can see the other tune.good bye.
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