Site for SEO Title, Meta Description few important tips. SEO Part -4

When a site search engine when we banai apatimajesanera (SEO) for the website Title, Meta Description thakikintu these important issues with them the right way, we can not use it to tell you that today I nayatai asanurupa possible outcome of SEO nice for the Title, Meta Description is to write.

Site Title

For a site on the subject of Title 1 of Title tisaitera be as beautiful or as handsome as the subject of your site, the more your site will be able to present the Title bhalosaitera write the title 
1saitera Title 65 characters as much as possible and try to keep Please. 
2Title the time of writing the information on your site so that all the issues are in the Keep Title 
3. Title of the site the day of the good 
reviews. 4apanara to place the keywords in the 
title. 5ekai keywords bhaloete do not use more than 3 times the site is the ability to 
index. 6saitatera taitelake looking more attractive karunadharuna To search for your keyword in the hindi movie 2010, the keyword search of the 010 reported in the Hindi film yabeyadi the 1st page of your site have these keywords, you can add a title to make it more attractive or Download hindi movie 2010 hindi movie ityadiete 2010 list is a lot more 
visitors. 7saitera Title aksare run time of writing, writing 
. 8.Title that the spelling is wrong is wrong, all wrong rakhunabanana the strict 
thereto. 9taitela the time of writing , and. No punctuation is not allowed except right. 10yata long as a, an, Or, Of, In these letters, etc. Eliminate briefly to skip the search engine

Meta Description

Meta Description SEO of the site for more on the matter of your site through a deadly bisayaera payato calina come and see how beautiful it is to write Meta Description 
. 1.Meta Description of a maximum of 50 characters, including rakhunakenana Google search the results of more than 50 characters natabe engine Google 160, 165 Yahoo, MSN shows 00 characters each. 
2saitera content is of the order of your Meta Description to its attention 
. 3.Meta Description same kioyarada 3-year, it is better to use the 
rates. 4apanara on keywords that those groups have used h1.h2 tag with keywords in the Meta 
Description. 5arthapurna way to understand all the Meta Description likhunayate easily 
. 6.Meta Description in Comma 
Use. 7. A separate pages for each type Meta 
Description. 8apanara Meta Description The main thing is to make sure that your site is the object of the 
. 9.Meta Description part of the 70 percent of your keywords Keep consistency.
I hope you all tune in handy asabeupakare habeara actually worth my trouble to meet with you for the next one and a half months habenakarana my H, S, C eprisabai 1st Please pray for me. Thanks to all.
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