Search engine optimization strategies

Today I will share with you some simple search engine optimization issues.They hope it will be useful to those who have the new kariajakera episode, I'll familiarize you with the terms of the search engine only. The next phase will also talk about tips.
What is search engine optimization?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one such method that is important to build a website to the search engines, so that a particular subject, leaving the other behind the first search results can be displayed on the website. These search results are called Organic or Natural search results. In the first ten search results page with your own website is the goal of everyone buried. As seen in the top ten because users usually do not get the desired website using the words of the second page of the search was not. This means that a large number of website visitors to stay in the top ten of the large number of visitors means more income. It is suitable for all desperate raised by the search engine's website. Many issues are involved with search engine optimization. This is an ongoing process. For the first time in one or more specific keywords (Keyword) is to pick ones. Take the time to research keywords before you select. Competitors had to pick a keyword that is less so. Let's play games for a site in the "Play Online Game" is to pick a keyword, then the sound of the 1.6 million in the Google search results will appear. Thousand of them, which can be found beyond the first page of a popular site can be almost impossible to come. If you can add a few more words to the keywords you can see the number of sites will be reduced by rivals. For the study, the best keywords in the Google keyword tool Edwards - httpsadwordsgooglecoukselectKeywordToolExternal  .
On-Page Optimization:
After choosing the right keywords for your site is to reflect the various parts of the keyword. If you select a keyword in the domain name of the website in the first place, the better. Secondly, there should be a keyword in the HTML title tag.Ordered in the site title tag is very important, because this part of the user and the search engines what the page contains information indicating that. The third most important sites of the "description" meta tag. The essence of the pages, which are written in the Indexing page to help the search engines correctly. On Page Optimization This process is called.
PageRank or PR for short is a link analysis algorithm used by Google, which is determined by the importance of a website in search results, and it is given prominence. Pejarenka important to Google as the website and the search results are more likely to stay at the forefront of the increase. The maximum being 10 and the lowest pejarenka pejarenka 0. The Google toolbar is a site pejarenka. The toolbar can be downloaded from this site -  : .
Backlinks (BackLink) Link is a key tool in improving pejarenka. If a site contains links to any page of a website, then the second site is called the linkake backlink or incoming links. And for the first time in the outgoing links on this link, click on this link the user can leave the site. The more backlinks a website has the tendency to come to the website, the user can be increased. In addition to the search engine robots programmed to be able to find the site very easily. There are many ways to increase Backlinks. Some of the methods,
• Link Exchange: This is the best pejarenkera own oyebasaitera Link exchange with several websites, the links to other websites will be added to the site, and the site's own website is to add link. The websites usually exchange links recommends that they contact the Administrator. There are several websites where the links for the exchange of links to sites of interest in the return address is available.
• Post Forum: This is the first in a good pejarenkera Forum Signature to add links to their websites. Then a new forum post or comment on others' posts that link to the page is displayed.
• Submit articles: There are several websites on the internet where you can submit your site to any of the writing and the writing of the sites needs to increase backlinks to your site with the link.
• submitted to the directory: There are a variety of Web Directory for information and links to your site can be submitted.
• comments on other blogs of others and to comment on the blog with a link to your site without having to increase backlinks.
The next phase of the use of SEO and say something important.
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