Possibly ReTune for phrilansaradera 016 megatiuna I first picked it up.

Hello tuner friends.
How are you?
By the grace of God, I hope you are well.
Today, before I start my tune, I want to say something about my own.
I take the time to tell them all the tuner to read the whole nunderstanding and concerning.
So let's start.

Mosararapha my name is Hussein,
I am at the district Company fort.
I play phrilasara officer. The grace of God this about 6 years of experience.
And the 6 years I was 700 more than the iPhone and endrioda Game apps designed.
And today, I experience the new online who work Thinking, some of them want to talk.
I hope many of you will be in favor, and tell me if you have any questions.
Today, around 10 or 1 years ago.
My father read me stories about lack of money stopped. It was a ghost story books, but inside of me.
That's the story I had a passion, a story that I'd love to read books.
My father sat next to the street markets bibinna market was hakari business.
The only thing was his bike and hakari A sack business, which is the father of her accessories business to carry.
He became sick after reading my writing is turned off.
Because he lost the ability to cycling.
However, after being sick father had to carry me to the bike and bags.
I would carry sacks bike my father and he came to the market teksi or tempo. It was not so much better that time byabasta of travel.
And the name of the mobile phone and did not smell. Then again, maybe it was, but in the city.
It was not our Noakhali Company fort. However, I come back to the main topic.
Since the father would not drive the bike, so I bought her, I would have brought business accessories.
Dad told me about a week after the phenite send e-store to buy accessories, and the day I'm going to phenite day, I was waiting not just a story book.
So this story reading books on my reading and writing moves in a experience.
that time, Bangladesh B, T, V was a program called the new twenty, where small boys and girls bibinna amkata kind of cool.
The ceremony saw my interest in the art of forming,
the And what, I broke the back of the art. Amkatama pen to paper with pictures of almost all the time.
That's how much the mother ate for wasting money on unnecessary paper and a pen and book buying😛
After two or three years after his brother's ghost under my floors to shop for multimedia.
My brother was a stubborn man floors, which said that he left anyway.
So my brother's academic floors almost as much as I was, however, He debenai multimedia store.
parents had refused to give him money for the shop, without denial or the way? Because the distant father, the store did not have the money to buy the computer.
So the anger of floors brother was riding, he took some money from the company in installments.
He put the money in installments shop, computer took a lot more, but the problem is that when saptaya of 3 installment of the money was to come.
It was in the store and do not like, because it was said, than his educational qualifications.
The father did not say anything Because the store to pay his father was angry.
And he sees no way to flee the country in one night. The next installment of the people began to return. Shops closed and the floors had not seen his brother got the father.
father refused to pay the installments, the company's men and some respectable people in our area that is decided.
My father will have to pay back the money it took money from her son since the boy's father money anupusthite I have to repay.
But since my father was not a sign or a hand of installments. Since money was raised to pay him some time.
Sweet but to accept the way my father did not have any.
anupusthite brother floors of the store came over me, and I brought a friend of one of my school before the computer was.
I do from memory card Auction learn to load. In this way, slowly, I began to do at this store. I gave the name to our shop, etc. Media.
Then I asked the friend, the other store to store them in the MP3 Song Edit photos by lora.
He told me to Adobe Photoshop 's words, where people add photos to edit later on MP3 ..
I started to learn how to etida pictures collected at Adobe Photoshop.
Almost 3 years, I started browsing in Photoshop, I used Photoshop to edit their own pictures.
who do not understand and something that had been bothering have Photoshop Uninstall. We have 10 or 15 days after the install again.
I'm learning to be edited in Photoshop was not the course of the organization. It was not that there was at least in our area.
I had an experience that took me completely by yourself in Photoshop, which had no relevance to the present of the graphics.
The Three years later, some of my Facebook group and learned to Friend odesk / elance talk, the more people like me It's working.
I have a new dream and a hope chest calacala eyes started again.
I never knew something like a ODESK own account, auction , where the golden deer?. What I sajaba my profile? This job will be a bit of welcome? I do not know anything.
I just talked to my father about it, my dad gave money to the security of the Internet. And my father was a figure of a thousand a lot of money.
I still remember the tears in my eyes were getting into the hands of a thousand rupees. I got to see a ray of hope in the face of his father's eye.
But the hope that it will eventually light the fire grew dull. Because I did not have any idea of England.
I went to my friend's, she reads a lot on Google and came out at my profile. And writing a Cover Latter went.
I did a lot of cost, for 3 months, looked a bit repetitive job. The second month of the Internet to pay bills from my father could not.
I tried to work through the net Techtune free from. About 4 months later I got a job riplaya, whose budget was about $ 3 to $ 10, I was on a bit.
This was easier jabata. Photos ritaca work, I made ​​the client happy thing in the $ 3 to $ 5 payments made ​​very good reviews.
That was me, looking back. Now I UPWORK one of the designers of the TOP RATED.
My work rate is $ 4700 US Dollar haista a project. It was a work of eppasa. Eppasa a lock screen eppasa yetaya the flag country of the world with about 00 have been built.
The task took about a month to complete me.
That was my brief Adobe Photoshop to be familiar with and to my online career.
Now, let me talk about the original tune will.
The technology is now far ahead. Those days are gone before.
Where we used to go out to 7 to 8 years of my life as a football ball,
the racket is a piece of wood used as a running play byatamintana.
, where we used to go out with a wooden cricket bat and a rubber ball.
On the day of dry hay Evenings with tumbling together, jump in the pool is no longer the same day ..
The present generation of entertainment for children 7 to 8 years of Clash Of Clans, Cnady Crush, Fifa, these means.
We are slowly going to rely on technology, today 0 years old to Bangladesh Bangladesh has changed a lot.
In my opinion, Just nothing, nothing at all has changed. Where the people who work in the fields to cultivate crops of rice and sweat all day.
Tune in a letter via postal mail at the office, and an audio cassette recording of the tune. Today there are modern Bangladesh sudhui a memory. But the memory, but it was a reality ..
I have 6 years of experience in the long prasnata than all heard of the "to do what it takes to play brother?"
The only answer I can give to the people, is the answer; Mind power is first in line to work; And it's self-confidence.
If you have your own self-confidence that you can work in any market place. Keep the faith at his flawless, Keep your Dream Alive.
Many people come to me who wants to learn how to work. But for me it was not possible, because I'm a full-time designer.
I myself had done his job to another, do not have time to teach.
So I have to find a way for this new interest.
I uddhege a YOUTUBE channel made, where I do apalora by tutorial for new designers.
But some people here need help. My objective is that one does not like me, and no one is cost.
This is my request. If you've been looking for something like this hanya the way, then at least let me have a look at these channels.
If you like it then you can SUBSCRIBE to keep. And if you want to have any other options, then you have my best wishes for.
And for those who want to work with me on these channels directly in my Facebook messages.
Details of the will.
The channel, which will get a glance at me?
1 will start working in Photoshop welcome. "For those who are new to the" 
II will start working in illustrator welcome "for those who are new to the" 
3 Photoshop Tools ER contact "for those who are new to the" 
4 Professional business card design will be 
welcome. 5- PSD Wed Design rules "for those who are new to the" 
6 welcome to present himself online market 
place. 7- illustrator welcome at the start of Art. "Games for 
the" 8- ISOMATRIC Design What? And welcome to do some
of the online market place 9's not 100% complete are welcome.
10 will be able to tell us what you want to know about that, you tell us that you can take tiutorilaya on the subject.
We request you to titoriyala on I will tell you.
You also need to have a lot more that needs to be interested in the new phrilansaradera.
I would be very happy if you told tiumenta valuable.
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