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Admin respected, bloggers, young yubuka, tender green loving younger brother, big brother, asasalamualaikuma all the other brothers. I hope they are beloved of God, infinite grace. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of God I am fine. I'd like to start with the expectation that this tune. So I started in the world of today's tune.
Phone sidulara Phone Scheduler

If you are a student of the class time as well as your mobile phone is designed to keep the Salient Mode. But that is not always the Silent karateei App Like most of you will have a set time to work out what will be the time that you select, it will be automatic.
It also allows automatic via: 
mobile switched off at night and in the morning, switch it on again. 
Turn off your Internet connection 
during the day and in the evening you can highlight Brightness Brightness less. 
gun will
WI FI ON / Off 
Bluetooth, ON / Off 
Mobile Data, ON / Off 
Silent, ON / Off 
Normal MODE, ON / Off 
Vibration MODE = ON / Off
So enjoy egulu Download
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