Meta Tag description of some of the requirements and actions taken.

We have many different reasons to use meta tags for SEO and Meta Tag thakibisesa much larger role in thekeaja I just needed something to you about the things some of the unnecessary janaboto Meta Tag Let's look at the required Meta Tag the

keywords- Meta Tag

SEO is the most important role in this meta tag Meta Tag thakeei the search engines know about your site content to sort through the key word parenacamatkara and beautiful on your SEO can get the desired results. Keywords- Meta Tag T such
<Meta name = "keywords" content = "some keyword, another keyword" />
After a key-word, comma use.

description- Meta Tag

This meta-tag for the website of your site in search engine gurutbapurnaeti dharemulata the main things that you have to understand what this tag is used. Meta Tag in the
<Meta name = "description" content = "A blurb to describe the content of the page appears here" />

author- Meta Tag

This meta tag you can tell visitors to the site or who wrote. Meta Tag in the
<Meta name = "author" content = "Sojib Rahman" />

Revisit-After- Meta Tag

If you use the search engine robots meta tag a nidist periodically visit your site will be indexed.
<Meta name = "revisit" content = "15 days" />
If you use this tag as your site search engine robot karabeapani revisited after 15 days, you can change the time according to need.

Refresh- Meta Tag

Prayojaniyayara site updates every minute of this meta tag, they benefit from this meta tag to refresh often bored karetai pabebhijitarara site of the tag to give you auto-refresh of the time limit the use of meta tags parenaei after a specified time to auto refresh your site
<Meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "600">
Adding to the tag 600 seconds after the 5 minutes after the sites that will atoriphresa.

robots- Meta Tag

This is a much bigger role for search engine meta tag indicated by the tag you can find a search engine robot will index your site will do it in nayadi tag
If you use the search engine robots to index pareara understand if they tag your site
If you use the search engine robots not to index your site says you will understand.
And some of the robots meta tag rayecheyemana:


Archive all your data in the form tag to the search engine you want to keep the form parenaarkaibha tag <meta name = "robots" content = "ARCHIVE" /> If you want to do it anymore> <meta name = "robots" content = "NOARCHIVE" /> tag to use.

ODP / YDIR- Meta Tag

DMOZ Open Directory ODP prajektayakhana means a site description tag in the Google search engine robots do not get any of the aid they neyatara DMOZ DMOZ site description of the monster lets you feel like Google to prevent this kind of work, then < meta name = "robots" content = "NOODP" />
If you think they should do this if parenaara to tag <meta name = "robots" content = "ODP" /> days.
Google, Yahoo and invite them to work at Yahoo's Open Directory Project thaketabe The (YDIR) often contain, using the case of Yahoo
<Meta name = "robots" content = "NOYDIR" />
And <meta name = "robots" content = "YDIR" />
The code can give.
There are several search engines on the Internet, especially for some of the search engine robots meta tag is used as a separate
Google for <meta name = "googlebot" content = "index"> 
Yahoo <meta name = "Slurp" content = "INDEX"> 
for MSN <meta name = "msnbot" content = "index">

Language META Tag

Through this meta tag to your site is written in a bhadaya parenasadharanata This tag is used in the majority of the English language that saitate
<META HTTP-EQUIV = "Content-Language" content = "EN">
I love the tune you like to comment asabeara not like karabenakena kamentare payasakalake find fulfillment through thanks to a tune.
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