How to submit the xml sitemap to Google. SEO Part -3

Many of us have been more or less about the site map janitaraparao of information before you say anything.
 xml site map is a file that all of the pages link to your site as a result of the thakeyara submitted without a link to a map of the site to easily index all your pages to Google and let's see what pareebara xml sitemap submitted to Google karabenaara xml sitemap for parabenaera easily look online, the tune can see

1st Step

You must first go to Google oyebamastara tools eekhana you sign in with your Gmail Account. 
After signing in front of you will be the home page of Google oyebamastara tools. Here you can Add a site. Continue by clicking on the link to your site.
Google webmaster

Phase II is uttered

Verify ownership of the pages in front of you dhapae asabeeta most important step to Verify your site habeei Index file on Google Meta tag A meta tag pabenaei meta tag in the head of your site pages Index and 1st put before the body tag will. See the example below

Step 3 is uttered

Verify your site's meta tags After you click the Verify karunasaba If the Verify your site to Google. Verify after asabeekhana your site from the Dashboard, click Submit a Sitemap. The site of your xml sitemap to Add First, upload your sitemap for your site folder karunayadi site is the site that will link to upload your sitemap if the link to your site map on your site and submit it became karunabyasa sabamitakayeka map within hours of submitting your site indexed by Google will. I tune arranged in such a way so that the problems of its young tiunadera tiunatite also known as the Google Webmaster Initiates also be able to think. xml sitemap that It is the way to go to make this link. janabenadhanyabada all of the tune advance.

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