Easily the most interesting and attractive logos and [Episode -03] :: "Spring" Logo Design (Video Tutorial)

Hello friends, here I am again with a new logo design tutorials. Today, I have come up with for the "Spring" logo design. One section of the graphics design of the logo design. Many feel that the logo design is very difficult. I want to say to them that this is very easy to do a thing.

However, every student is to learn how to design graphics jnyana of friends who of course is to develop the software. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software the two. I am often in tune with Photoshop. But today the tune of an advanced logo design. Today I calechiayadoba Adobe Illustrator Illustrator is a great exercise to show that the software is a no graphics designer gets her perfection naarthat Graphics Designer when you use Adobe Photoshop with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator, a lot of scrap habeara Logo design is the work of a popular work.
Let's create the logo. We know that when the logo of the logo is to give a name, usually the name of a company, organization or logo of the manufacturer's name. So I made the logo of the name "Spring". You can give any name to the logo on the products.
I did not protest, either. I would like just to see the logo.

During the preparation of this logo, you can work with different color.
For more information, see this video tutorial

The tune was first published on my YouTube channel here .
Tune in next to you again with something new will be hajira. Good luck to everyone. If you like a good leg tuned and do not forget to tiumenta. 
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