Adobe Illustrator Training of the dot-com Linda understood from Google Drive

 Public interest has again this tune.

What Is Illustrator? (Illustrator what?):
Illustrator (Illustrator), a graphics design Package Program (package program). You can create different types of. The United States, Adobe Corporation (ayadaubi kaporesana) marketed by. Adobe Illustrator (Illustrator ayadaubi) graphics design packages are marketed sarbaprama Apple Macintosh computer to use the program. Eventually, IBM or IBM Compatible Computer in Windows Shaported Illustrator (Illustrator), are marketed.
Those Adobe Illustrator want to learn, they can aasate this tiutoriyalagulo handy. If you wish, you can take Adobe Illustrator Training.
Linda has been collected from the dot-com tiutoriyalagulo today.

Adobe Illustrator graphics design is a very important case. This tiutoriyalagulo google drive has been uploaded.
1. - Adobe Illustrator CS5 Essential Training
2. - Adobe Illustrator CS6 Essential Training
3. - Adobe Illustrator CC Essential Training
4. - Adobe Illustrator CS6 One-on-One. Fundamentals
5. - Adobe Illustrator CS6 One-on-One. Intermediate
6. - Adobe Illustrator CS6 One-on-One. Advanced
7. - Adobe Illustrator CS6 One-on-One. Mastery
8. - Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design_ Creating Brushes
9. - Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design_ Drawing Flats
10. - Adobe Illustrator for Web Design
11. - Using sybols in Illustrator
Download tell me any problems.
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