3 Tips to get the backlink. SEO Part 1

Backlinks are one of the small to definition of the word, to the benefit of the search engines and the engines khadyasarca neiamara option many backlink backlink to our site with links to a variety of thakikintu all disappointed at the right backlink to yayaami More effective backlink backlink talking to the right.
 Let us see what are the backlink, getting 3 Important Tips

1. rel = " nofollow " Cast Away

All have nofollow Reciprocity SM site that links to your site to search engines bhalokenana nor do any of the value of nofollow backlink much time as shown by neietai not benefit.

ANCHOR TEXT 2linke different use.

Recognize anchor text backlinks is very important to recognize anchor text of links example bisayaekati
Text links are to Add to recognize anchor differently this time the link is correct and important to understand the search engine dharunaete.

3bhinna different Ip Address to submit to the site.

Add Your time on your site, then submit again the same Ip Address search engine backlink to your site over and over again, only one submitted karesarca engine that is submitted to an important site from a different place. 
We will tune Cause Thank you.
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