Viewtrakr to learn from the very easy to earn money in the 50000-30000.

Many of us who are interested in online inakame gets the job done, but not suitable for the job. Many people learn to work with, but you do not get a lot of money. Here are just two weeks to tell them how your dreams and let your hand.
Marketing of the kingdom of the world now. Why does not come from any stage of your career, you do need marketing. However, those who regularly visits the blagasaita online marketing is nothing new to them. The marketing does not cost you any advertising. And you can use social media sites.However, some skills are needed. Readers will be able to present the issue to bhalamato
Today, I'll present it to you that the site bhiutrakara
Bhiutrakara say that without any introduction or network by creating a site where you can earn money for your team.
How to make the team or network? 
When you register at the site and go to the dashboard, you'll get your referral link. Links to the online (Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc.) at the site or network share, or you can enhance your team parabenayebhabe I'm around you who you are, they are also highlighted the issue of their interest in the site Registration If you or your team through the creation of a network to create a career in parenaapanake of the team do not have the option to create. But never open fake accounts. If the ban is a temporary benefit to eat.
How bhiutrakara payments? 
Bhiutrakara verify the performance of your team you will be paid every week. It is paid in two ways. 1bikhyata more than 40 online shops will provide the shopping opportunities. The following is a list of films to see analainasapa.

2apanara income is more than the 00 dollars you can apply for a Visa card. Bangladesh supports the Visa you can withdraw money from any ATM.
See the picture below bhiutrakara Visa cards.
Do you want proof?
Now I did not say anything. You just take a look?
Go to the group. Group hope this is enough to lose your head. The group Shamim's brother, who will get a lot more, including Kausar brother whose monthly income $ 700 $ -1000. Sabai very helpaphula group.
I think I will start to work?
Because of the money involved, so first you need to register with factual information at this site. Registration for the official  links   to the karunaathaba
My Referral link  register you very much, and I'll help.
A page will appear that the Sign Up button and click with your right information to complete your registration. Then you'll get a link to your e-mail, by clicking on the link to complete your profile. To complete the profile, you can create your referral link.
If you can not see the video on youtube at the link below

Viewtrakr bangla tutorial on youtube

The value of your work at the site of the CyberCoin (cyber coins) are considered. 1 CyberCoin = 1 iuesadi (USD).
Wave Score is the quality of your work, or points. The Wave is more likely to score more than your CyberCoin.
Network Views are some videos on this site. When you view the video has nothing to do with the Network Views barabeekhana CyberCoin.
Wave your only job is to increase the score, how Wave Score (wave score) can be increased?
When you use your referral link 1 Who can register at the site, and he will be able to register a new member of this site, then you'll score 10 sudhumatra wave as a sign-up bonus and your team every Monday before 11am If any member sudhumatra wave score, then you will have a friend. This is a two-way wave score. Login to get this bonus only once per week. Reset the date to the following Monday 11am to any member of your team will get a bonus if you log in again if sudhumatra friend. Log out how to get the bonus you will be able to understand when the WAVE STATS.
And yes, you need to be active member. If you start believing that you can. The longer you wait, the less you say online is not for you. Here the dream of becoming rich overnight if you're wrong, you would have to raise at work, and once the carrier will not be turned back. 
You start to work again at the issue of registration I am not alone.
To understand the problem, to knock on Facebook  Here
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all time support get.
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