To create your own video channel (cable TV operators)

If you are a cable TV operator in the course of your kantralaruma V, C, D separated by ployarera promoting a video channel. Now we will see how this video to your computer via the broadcast channel can no longer beautiful. In addition to the advertising campaign. Let’s not promote dekhenei to a video channel on your cable TV network atomodeda. All materials shall

  • The computer will have the sarbaninna Dual Core processor, 1G RAM, 250 GB HDD.
  • AGP card with TV output , you can use two types of AGP cards can-
AGP card with DVI & S-Video output.Using this type of card you use an S-Video to AV converter cable lines madulyatara because the dishes are not the direct S-Video input. S-Video to AV converter cable may see.
Video input jack on your madulyatarera cable yellow flag.
AGP card with AV output. Madulyatarera direct video output for this type of card you get. In this case, you will need to use the AV cable.Hatepare like to see the AV cable. Video input jack on your madulyatarera cable yellow flag.
In addition, the VGA to AV / S-Vodeo converter is available from the computer on which you can use for madulyatare Video Input. Who see it hatepare
VGA Converter
  • Sound card Sound card if you want to check the use of built-in to the motherboard or a different SIM can take. Madulyatare Sound Audio to AV cable from the computer you used to. To see what happens hatepare
Audio to AV cable
  • Madulyatara – doing your dishes are kantralarume madulyatara that you can use. However, the filter’s better video quality with the get madulyatara.
Cable TV Modulator
  • Aparetim system – Windows XP or Windows7
  • A / V Broadcast System for Cable TV This is the original broadcast software for your channel. Which will be invited to your channel broadcast. Will be described in detail. Dom software you Download the can from. 
Screenshot of A / V Broadcast System for Cable TV
  • Ananya software KLight codec pack, Flash player 10, Windows Media player 11, WinDVD player, etc.
A / V Broadcast System for Cable TV software will be released later in the tiutiriyala
Click here to Download A / V Broadcast System for Cable TV
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