Then came the facility's DNS DOT.TK

Free Domain for use before they were DOT.TK. But the problem domain in the DNS facilities as well as SEO for everyone to use it stopped one. DNS was introduced again, but this time he remained DOT.TK not be a problem.Unlimited domains on DOT.TK .CO.CC taking advantage of the multiple ACCOUNT difficulty opening.
How to get?
DOT.TK by logging on to a new application for DOMAIN left everything the same as before. But DOMAIN FORWARDING of the page, click on the Use DNS for this domain and click Use my own DNS Services 4-room house, you will find the NAME SERVER of NS address (for example: NS1.SERVER.COM) to enter the IP address can not be empty. Hosting account, go to the Add this to the domain. A maximum of 48 hours you will start work in the new domain.
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