The software made it clear to your store account with Microsoft Excel (able Initiates)

Greetings! How are you all? I hope everyone’s feeling much better. I’m much better inasallaha your prayers. It’s not too late for that. 
Many people have seen the shop or use the software for other institutions, but today I’ll show you how to use Microsoft Excel can be calculated very easily store any kind. For example, fancy goods store, book dokanaka, drug store, electronic store, clothing store, etc. 
, first say, I’ve used this tune to create a Microsoft office 7. So if you are using another version of the image may be some discrepancy between. But the main thing is the same. However, I am going to show today is that it is just your product name, quantity, price will be able to put the total amount of money without using a calculator! How many percent commission to the house of the Commission will be putting it to the commission and the net amount of money Your customer will be able to find the money without putting much money back to the customer or the customer will get and how much money to put on the whole, do not tune but can not understand anything in the thick of the attention at trying to understand. First introduced in Microsoft Excel and then remove the image matalikhe
You can write in any language that I have written in Bengali language is not a problem! Please note, the product name,the name of which means you becalena. extent that many becalena. Quotes means how much the price per unit. The total money value of the total amount. The commission rate means that a total of how much commission he dibenakamisana percent commission. Net cash This means that a total of how much money you take money out of commission. receive money means how much you have customer. The customer will have to pay back money that customers hope to write these deficiencies did not have any problems, do not talk to Kate just turn the lever! Yes, but not case sensitive, and the capital letter in the upper case letters that will be put. In the first place the cursor on the left and click on the cell D2 = Press (the ref must be in writing before the = sign), enter the formula = B2 * C2 of the cell F2 enter the formula = D2 * E2% in the G2 cells enter the formula      = D2-F2 . I2 cells enter the formula = H2-G2  understand the problem, I hope you’ll understand if you see the image below.
At the end of the work. This is what we will do so again and again, so the formula is not applied to the cell D2 by clicking the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner to bring up a view😆
Move the pointer to the place, just like the one shown (the skin time to take the shot, but you do not hold the mouse pointer on the + sign to the course), the cursor will contain the + sign at the bottom of the left mouse button pressed Drag the bottom as far as possible! Thus, the other three cell F2, G2, I2 on, and it will be the bottom of the matter.
Please note that the following image is not the worst, but then : Roll:B. So keyaraphula. If you do not have it and you’re done. 
It’s – I think that the price of a mobile phone on the 5100 money and there is a 4% commission. T-Mobile has more than 10,000 paid by the customer. This will make the calculation 
, enter the product name Mobile, enter the amount of the 5100 bid. What is magic? Do not panic .The Commission also have the money to enter the house, 4 to enter the house, 10000. and that’s the end of the work 😛. He did not look like the image?
I like to look at the skin as you write your project has been delayed to account for the delay not! I saw how easy it is calculated by, for example, you can see more. When you’re finished, press Ctrl + S to save the file in the course of the day. Baby Yes, of course inrajite enter numbers. Many of Excel, but Excel difficult thing a lot of fun! If you take the time to excel in several tune to tune neksata test results sheet can be made ​​easily, it is better to stay healthy allissues I’m on Facebook and ask questions.
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