Take a look at 10 of the 013 best and expensive laptop (with the bonus of some books and so much more)

Although. The 30th disembara, 2013ara just 1 day after the start of the new year. We hope everyone have a better new year.
10. Acer Ferrari 1100

Acer of Taiwan makers of the company. Light, hitting the barrier, made of carbon fiber body. AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile technology TL-66 / 2.3 GHz processor, with 4 GB RAM. A little less hard disk. Only 50 GB. However, another reason for the popularity of its easy usability. The price? 240000 Bangladeshi taka or $ 3000 if you buy khasate this pherarita.
09.Dell M6400
There is no need to introduce new to Dell. But then, this laptop is the peculiarity of the high-performance graphics card. ATI 1 GB’s graphics. Great for watching videos. But not good enough for games. 17-inch display, a little bay called saijai.quad-core Core 2 Quad QX9300 processor, with 4 GB RAM. Though it caledama Work Station? Bengali worth the money, or $ 3500 280000.
08.Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660
It’s good for HD video. Improved graphics. Well. However, the Core 2 Duo processor :(and a 40 GB hard disk. RAM 4 GB. Bengali 280000 or $ 3500 worth of money to be one’s own !! I do not understand the price in such a rush.Configuration Then the cans?
07.Lenovo Think Pad W700DS
Formal laptop. Core 2 Quad processor with 4 GB RAM. Lenovo does not make expensive laptop. But what does it come? The price? 346500 or $ 4500 cash only.
06.Alienware Area 51
The brothers came to the gamer !!! Go see the change without the money to pay. If you let me buy any more change.Before the offering price? Bengali 400,000 or $ 8000 cash. Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 8 GB RAM. Super Video Quality. What else to say about this?
05.Xtreem Rock SL 8
Its name is “the all-speed laptop” Although the name of this brand I first heard the worst !!! The price of money is 420000. And there is the Intel Core 2 Quad processor with 8 GB RAM. Blu-ray, but again there.
04.Voodoo Envy H: 171
Price hear me dizzy !! It can be bought with the price of a small car !!! $ 8500 or Bengali will find a Core 2 Quad processor with money !!!! 700,000 and 4 GB RAM.
03.Ego Of Buity
It seems to me that women make-up box. But there’s only 120 GB SSD and a Core i3 processor. Two GB RAM. Price 16,00,000 rupees, or $ 20,000. How can this man?
Let makeup box firm. Bahirabarana of the skin. Or women’s main buyer !!! It is well-known for its stylish and beautiful keyboard. Fainting at the price at !!!! Bengali at 28400000 or $ 3,55,000.
Numbers 01 !!! Numbers happened to me in 1000 !! Because, there is the Dual Core processor and a 128 GB SSD.Leather wrapped, there are a few pieces of diamond, with a custom design. Pisai have one or Bengali price of Rs 8,00,00,000 !!! Hanako world (you are right !!! dekhasena eight million) or $ 1 Million !!!!
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