Real bayedina flood of visitors to your blog. Two Method 1 Manual Method 2 paid method. Share your experience in real life. Just for oyebamasteradera. The first episode. (Mega Tune)

Let me first point. In fact, the majority of visitors to the eternal problem of bloggers. However, there are a lot of good quality bloggers who can easily rank. But the blogger never s Secret will not divulge it at that.

Day by day the pilgrim coming to power over the Penguins. In fact, it has become too much trouble, so the survival of the blogger. Today, I will expose some of the tricks of successful bloggers.


The blogger said that the main principle is to succeed in a short time Blackhatworld. Many have been surprised. But to tell the truth, the blogger said, a little too much time on their main system is successful. Where the premium is no longer a member of this site. You can learn a lot to learn.  


If you know the way to legal status to two hours long way to legalize the illegal way to understand how it is legal to keep, what to say Gray hat SEO. Only you can make the white hat SEO if you laid out in the right way, at the head of it.

The main thing to know how much you have to learn the technique, and short.Anyone will tell you by the hand of this technique are not, will know himself.Anyway, for those who are wise enough to sign. Research and understand the words of the gabhirata.


The two will discuss two methods. Manual method that they can follow the patient ones, and those who do a little more to get the results you want, paid for their methods. Manual and those who want to have both of them and they are paid to both of them.

 Google advertising can do. It’s good for your site. John is the cost of 10 dollars can bring 1,000 visitors. Or you can phechabuka advertising. The 000 visitor may spend 10 dollars or more if the advertising can bring. However, these will be your Mastercard, and it will stay byalenca.


There are many teams in the country has a large community of them. Contact them effortlessly add to your site can bring in thousands of visitors. We describe some of the community.

Named less than 1 Radiomunna know about at this page. They have to communicate with a much larger community can add to your site. Aprubha when they tune in to your site to share links. From there, you get thousands of visitors. 200300 for each of the visitors to take the money.

The advantages and disadvantages, but from here you will find many more local visitors International visitors will get less.

Contact ID       sayeba Patwari


Named of the Bangladesh Army chaibara know, the other a small group of community. This collection of thousands of network ID and the sites are hacked. FB viral script they use their collection of thousands of pages, and the group ID is shared automatically. And there are a lot of software that uses premium. As Senuke x cr, fb lead and fb freak etc

Disadvantage, the International receive quality visitors, local visitors will get less. And they share your link at your site will not do anything Prohibition of spam, they give them a blogspot redirects at your site, so that your site is safe.

They are about 00 rupees for every thousand visitors.

The Contact ID       gumption boy


Advice (tip) or the encouragement of this administration there is a group of pages and pages of them and groups. These also allows visitors to various sites. They will also share links to your page’s a good tune replayed their collection of groups and pages.

They are 00 for every thousand visitors are ya 300 of money.

Advantages of the Indian visitors will find more than local traffic. International visitors will get less.

The Contact ID   Ami Nirob

The number or Skype ID, you can take contact with everyone, I do not have any particular number of shares.

Named to the top of that they have a real visitor will share in kaiti. I’ve used bektigatabhabe attacks. Visitors who want to inexpensively than they do not want to believe, because they give Named to visitors from Traffic Exchange sites or linkbucs adfocus etc 10,000 visitors to the site with 1 of dollars that can be bought very cheap traffic. Your site will be just 5 seconds. FAC Visitors who they sell to and buy from these sites will be sold at a lower price. They would not go to.



Manual Method

I go to the manual method. Egabena as you. In this case, you have to be diligent kathara. I have a continuous record of 0 hours of work. If you own the site for just three months, trouble sleeping, then just. If Google rank of your site’s visitors do not have to worry.

What skills do you need to see

Of course, hard-working.

Knowledge about SEO.
In which the need parabeh
1. Of course a lot of time because you have to work a lot in the first place. So, if you have enough time to start.
II. 1 pm blogspot site (paid, but there is no problem)
3. 3 to 4 pm YouTube account (the phone will have to be verified.) Certainly will be made with multiple e-mail IDs. (That’s enough then, Plan B, applies for.

lets start
First Day
Keyword select at least 10 1000+ and the minimum value of the local search masthali kampetisana low. Traffic Travis 1pm good tool for checking computation.
Ward is getting better by using the key word in the domain of the blog will be required to register
Keyword density of over 300 unique articles minimum of 3% ya 3% will be added to the image, including the rilebhanta.Download the PPD file will be uploaded to the site to share links.
Tune in to the ping.

The second day
It is expected that the index has been my tiunagulo. The site will be optimized anapeija. Off-Page as all goes well I will have to factor in the day. The default theme will be change. Those are easing with the work should be completed.

third day
Word of the new article, and 1 pm to publish.
If all goes well with the Google Sitemaps will be submitted to the site.
The site will be submitted to all the other search engines.

The fourth day
Today will be the start of the page. The first two on the first tune of the bookmark will be at 0. RSS feeds on a variety of sites to be submitted. Like the Facebook page will open at 1 pm for the site, and the like for like exchange sites will increase. Twitter and Google Plus to share links to all of the tune. Social work will be much easier to get a better signal.Shares, likes, tweets, plus many of the cases.

The fifth day
What is the first word of the new target, and 1 pm to publish a new article. The bookmark is not to be the end of this tiunagulora social bookmarking.
Continue to target what we do from now on wards. What’s with the Word will try to continually improve organic rankings.Right now I’m in high P (original rank of 7, the root domain does not rank), Du do follow backlinks. Bounding out of the top 100 can not be linked. In this case, I’ll follow backlinks du blog by tiumenta since I have a fresh list. Powerful backlinks very little labor. What will be the main key word related with keyword anchor text. Today, two of the blogs at 0 for the ward to be tiumenta. (If a problem were the issues, follow the steps below, or any other kind of article directory submission such as Baccarat, tuning forum, directory submission and so on. However, it is important to select high PR sites du follow.

The sixth day
Today, the main ward, and 1 pm to 3 pm web2.0 blog will tune. What is the main key word in the article as well as the sub-word can be.
This place is so high quality articles, I do not want to scrap articles from different sites, and then it will spin hebhili. It knows the strange HUMAN READABILITY article is completed.

The seventh day
What’s the Word of targeted keywords related to what will be tuned to the blog.
Whatever the case, the long tail should be deep internal linking related keywords will work well. Today, however, some blogs will be tiumenta different domain. I’m on the field as much as possible the unique and high page rank link building done.

Until today. In the technique, will share much of the next tune. The next steps will be shown in the next post.
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