Part 1 on page optimization and how to do

Today I’ll show you how On Page SEO (Optimization) is, it’s my first parbaami S. Yao have a lot of tune, but remember one thing, neither I or writing or through the tutorial you will be able to refer to the entire S-Yo nakarana SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which has a lot of steps, so it is not possible to write a single post, If you have to expect to be able to gain knowledge of SEO kariami fairly when he made the first site of SEO namatai Tutorials and finally succeeded in using his head to hear naikinta hayechianapeja come to me Yao Traffic seems to step in getting a bonus, because visitors to Off-Page Optimization and encouraged me to go forward karecheyaihoka talked a lot back to work asih

On page optimization is what?
Off-Page optimization within your site that you have the google or other Search engine allowing him to convey the importance of your site that On Page Optimization.
On page optimization to do? [ 
We are all more or less know html, On Page Optimization, but you know what the role of some html attribute? Many people do not know that many people know, there is no problem because I do not know in detail the Off-Page said Yao usually react. On Page SEO in html attribute to H1 to H6 using the hayabujhate not it? See the image below you seesomething that? s clear, I understand, gave an example of the film . first big showing to everyone here because I use the H1 tag karechithika HowTrick.Com write the same way I use H2 and H3 tag seseratate. Search Engine from the H1 to H6 tag values ​​the importance of this example deyaami here sarupa H3 to H1 showed up, when you enter the main topic keywords (Keyword) to H1 to H6 attribute dicchih you’re getting the rakhabenaaro detailed Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization), if a tune cry today “Search Engine Optimization “in the text to H1 H6 tag rakhabenayemanah

Search Engine Optimization

I have explained to the h1 tag, the image will now matah Output Here I’ve used


Search Engine Optimization is just how you remember lekhati rakhabenatabe inside of the tag, do not use this tag more than once, because it is the search engine spam (Spam) will.
Suppose you design a page and the page containing the name they leave the On page optimization On page optimization then how will this page? What is the main subject of the page to a div class or css h1 tag should be written, such as the On page optimization

On Page Optimization

I can understand this, even when it parachenayakhana Google or other search engine and the search engine will show you the content on this page.
Keyword what? On page optimization of how much you need? 
Keyword That’s what you write about that word tutorial. On page optimization, Off page optimization matter of the keyword is very important for all groups. SEO Keyword being the subject of so many programs need to be I guess it is the tune “How to On Page Optimization,” Here is my main keyword “On Page Optimization” On page optimization then I lekhatikei or keyword search engine or give habedekhunato this post I will give you many times the importance of On Page Optimization wrote the text?’ve written many times, is not it? This suggests that the main keyword On Page ptimization tune hope you understand that.
To conclude today, I did encourage him to soon be the next episode.
What will be the next stage? 
1Article what? 
2Post have to take the time to do? 
What will happen if 3Copy Past?
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