Learn hands-HTML (HTML key, history, writing method, the program is part of the basic services, the program analyzes the different segments) [Part 1]

Asasalamualaikuma, How are you, my wish to continue, they will kararadoya tuned to a series of html WEB Design paribartamana time necessary to learn. Many of us would like to phrilancim. But in fact phrilanchim WEB Design Career at the average benefit many people today. The benefit of our country and today. WEB Design Career at the first need is to build on the good knowledge of HTML, the basic things of html dekhabasabai thakaajake I stay with.

What is HTML?

HTML is a computer language in the world via the Internet to display the information in a well-bhandarake
Yoga has been made. The main structure is made of a web page with HTML. HTML is not a programming language, it is called Hyper Text Mark Up Language. Mark Up Mark Up Language tags are composed of a set. Different parts of a Web page via the browser how to display the tags in HTML using the Mark Up was released.

HTML History

HTML or Hyper Text Mark Up Language Tim Berners-Lee created. Create the HTML
The purpose of the exchange of scientific research data can quickly be bibhnni. By 1990, the NCSA Mosaic browser developed by the well known HTML. WC3 first developed in January 1997 by HT
ML3.2 published. In December of the same year, a new version of WC3 HTML HT
ML4.2 published. The latest version of HTML, HTML5 janasammukhe 010 current known.

Writing system

Using an editor to write any program that is to be encoded. HTML editor primarily for writing the program as the default editor for the Windows operating system and the additional benefits that may be using the notepad editor, Dreamweaver and Notepad ++ for use in advance. .html Extension programs written in HTML, such as index.html Save by any browser, such as Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome and can be viewed by Opera.

Part of the program is written in HTML, basic services

<title>  httpwwwcreativewritingzonecom </ title> 
</ head>
I am HTMLThis Learning is Now My first Web page. </ body> </ html>
Notepad to open a file from the menu and entering the code deficiencies, click on Save as in the File name: index.html, Save as type: All files, save it with the index.html file to open with Mozilla Firefox.

Analysis of the different parts of the program written in HTML

In the program <> and </> Word of the two marks and, as html, head, titl
e, body tells them Keyword <> or </> keys and the text of a label is a Keyword. Such as the <head> tag the head. There are two types of tags in HTML, <> sign of communion and keyword tags to tag and </ a> sign of communion and the keyword tag to the end tag, such as <title> tag to make the title in the <title /> the end of the title tag.

<Html> or html tags:

The program is written in HTML code to the <html> </ html> are written in it.

<Head> or head tag:

<Head> </ head> of the <title> </ title> tag is written in the title or the title of the website is to display. As the title of this code http://www.tutohost.com which has been written in the browser’s title bar shows. In addition, the head of css stylesheet tag is in the call.

<Body> or body tag:

<Body> tag or the body is very important. A Web site is in the Content Services Body tag. <Body> </ body> tag of the Text, Image, Table, etc. in a variety of tags for formatting text. The code in the <body> </ body> tag in the This is my first web page. I am learning now HTML. Which were written in the main part of the browser is displayed.
I believe that to a certain extent from the  HTML  to get an idea.
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to this day, Allah Hafiz
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