[Crack Zone – Episode 5] Windows software in Linux in Windows and Linux software to dissolve caliyachena about conducting? Take andLinux !!!

Assalamu Alaikum. how are you all? I hope everyone is well.

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Today I am in the midst of all types in which a software can also run on Windows, Linux software to dissolve !! 
Aware of the basin share of Linux software free. So today I will share the software is also free.
And do not just take the fun will be installed.
Those who wish to run Linux on Windows to run again, but can not run. This software is just for them. Milk, however, serve as ghale volition.
Showing the name of the software – andLinux
The biggest problem is the size and shape of this software at large. 537MB which is really a lot. Where to download Ubuntu as your take 700MB. The only software for shipment 537MB !!!

Download Links

1. andLinux’s Homepage
II. andLinux’s Official Download Page
3. andLinux Full Version [KDE] Download [537 MB]
4. andLinux Minimal version [XFCE] download [00 MB]

How to install

1. Run the install file. Screenshot Maroc according to dissolve the options and click Next.
Startup Options – KDE Version
Startup Options – Minimalistic / XFCE Version
II. Windows File Access Window will appear.
Options To Access Your Files On Windows
3. File Access Using Samba Window will appear. You can enter the Windows Name of The Windows File Share.Username your name. Password You can also flick. You can not.
Configuring Samba
4. At the end of the installation of windows that give you an Error Massage – The WinTap Driver Is not Microsoft Certified. Continue Anyway to get out. Finish the job.
For more information – go to page andLinux Installation
andLinux screen
I hope you find it useful.
Until today. Not very good.
Tune in to see me scream all the ferrule

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