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Bisamillihira Rahmanir Rahim 
Hope you're doing well by the grace of God. All my best wishes on behalf of the tune I am starting today. I hope you'll enjoy.
Today, I'll introduce you to some ad network sites. Maybe they've heard the name before, but I do not know the details of the site is about. Due to my personal blog ad network identity with the site of much of the day. But there is a lot to track ad network discovery did not get any better. After several ad networks around the use of the saw reviews. Anake blagei Most bloggers to share their referral link is an ad network to praises. The site is not available as a result of the discovery. Today, I am using this site to share my own experience with all 3 sites will. I first spoke about Adsense. Adsense ad on the network. But the rules have been approved and the site is quite difficult to sustain.Ad networks are making this dream for many people. I use my blog edao Adsense. But saitaderakei give more prominence. Add the rest of the network has been alacana down.
First, a few words about Google Adsense:
What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a service of the search engine giant Google. It displays ads via Google Blogger blogs and bloggers in exchange for money. This is the biggest and most widely used way to earn money from blogs. Another Google service called Google AdWords. Google AdWords Google's various sites or organizations to take money from the deal on their website or campaign organization. Then Adsense websites or blogs payment service, Google displays ads on the website or organization. Google is now the money from the owners of the website or blog that provides 68% of the amount and the rest 3% of the operating costs of the service as well as Google leaves.Depending on the amount of Adsense blog. If you have lots of visitors, otherwise you will not be able to earn a good income. Google ads on your site that links to other websites Display, now your blog click on the link to the advertiser's website, then you will get the money.
Google gives bloggers the money. 1. Western Union and II. The bank checks. Sad but true that the father of our country,Western Union 's money is not paid. As a result, it is too late to get our money. If $ 100 or more deposited into your account each month in 2325 on a bank check will be tuned to your address.
Naramali to check the tune-office draws takes 0-5 days. Brought to you by courier service DHL, then you will get one week (in this case $ 30 will be deducted). After receiving the check in the check will be deposited in any bank deposit enough money in your account. It takes a while to become a deposit.
Google's blog Ed basalei another misconception that money will start to come. Many think that money will start to come basalei Ed blog. I think of this every blogger. But the fact that they can understand the desire Adsense account. It is not wrong to think really. I think it's time, but now is not so easy to realize that the income from Adsense. You'll need lots of traffic to earn from Adsense. 10001200 Many of the visitors come to my site daily. You guys ever seen them bounce rate of your site? Visitors will not only really, who must convince the visitor. When a visitor to your site will be something like being satisfied, surely he will have some time on your site. When a visitor to your site for a while and then you have to pay attention to the ads and will click. If visitors come to your site to do something else, then surely he will not be on your site. If not, there is no possibility of the visitor clicks on the ad. Do not click on ads is not enough money to put on. Now tell me what the money will start to come basalei Google blog ed?
The main conditions approved Adsense account samuhah
  • Johnny aratikela certainly good to be 10-1.
  • No other company can not be added.
  • For example, the pop-up window will not be blogging box.
  • Copy-paste the content can not lie.
  • Something that can not be breaking copyright law.
  • Adults, hacking, mockery of any nation or group that has been not to have any content.
  • Many visitors like to stay. I do not say, you do not need any visitor (complete my opinion).
  • Google does not support any language that can not be content. (For example, do not support the Bengali language gugapla)
  • Will be the top-level domain. If the sub-domain account will not be approved. (However, the separation of Blogspot)

I go with other ad network sites. I mainly give priority to And clicksor and Reveniuhits as a reserve next.About the reviews:

I have seen the very best of payment. They are based on the CPC website. They add that if the money will not be shown on your site. They give money on every click. At the discretion of the site, and lets you add your site to sell plesagulo.These are general ede pay at least $ 0.04 per click. The US, UK, Canada, after clicking on the Pay per click is 0.20. So basically there's more likely to click apanara site where you can place ads. I tuned the basiyechi. The 300x250 banner ad shows most PTC sites. So I've created a pop-up box. Click to view in the 30 pages of my site every day like in 1500. I come here every day at an average value of just over $ 1,500 pages of view in. Ed's demo to see my placement hereand sign up, click here and click.


Another ad network is the best I've ever seen. They both basically click and add the pay is good. It's like Google Adsense Adsense pay some cases it's become more pay. You can earn a lot of money with a reasonably current cpm rates parabenaedera much better. For example, your current 000 days. If you are impressions and CPM rates in 6000, then your income will be $ 1 (6000/1000) x1 = 6 dollars. Web blogging like me who has chosen profession and passion, the dedication to your web site tairikarechena paying public money has been spent, but the turn and tired of Google Adsense. In the category of your income to zero now! They instead come to expect from Google Adsense. Another thing, they repharele payment is much better. If you like the quality of the web site owner can make a referral, but I wonder. Repharele have to pay a maximum of $ 100. The view in the pages of these sites comes to me from my 1500 like $. This is the best option of the admin. Adsense are some differences between them:
1. Adsense account to apply to a number of days, but in just 30 seconds is ribhiniuhitasa. 
II. Any time that there is the possibility to ban Adsense, but not 
ribhiniuhitasa. 3. Adsense does not pay for the visitor anabhilida, but ribhiniuhitasa 
pay. 4. Adsense is just the banks and pay checks, but ribhiniuhitasa bank, check, paypal 
pay. 5. Edasensai best, but I think the best 
ribhiniuhitasa. 6. Adsense PIN verification is trouble, but there is no disturbance ribhiniuhitasa 
bheriphikasane. 7. Anya companies use to add Adsense disturbance, but there is no disturbance of ribhiniuhitasa.
There are three easy ways to get the payment, Payoneer, PayPal and bank checks, a minimum of $ 20 dollars when peoniyara PayPal or check payment, the bank will be able to pick and $ 500.

Sign up here , or click on the image below.


One of these days I'm used to add the site. Now I see well so far. This site does not write about the details today. I know they have a good payment. To sign up , click here please. I use a few of these sites will write a full review. Today has been a pain to write. I do not know. I hope you'll enjoy.

last word

If you will forgive the wrong type of writing beautiful dustite. If you have any difficulty in understanding some of the text is expected by the tiumentera. To give you an opinion, I will encourage some of the more beautiful. I do not agree that it is the elimination of copy and paste. After 3-4 hours of continuous writing copy and paste the full parisramatai in vain. That'll be all. Like everyone wished to conclude today.

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