1st page of Google searches and more visitors to the complex strategy.

1st page of Google searches means more visitors paoyarakintu wrong choice, because we have sace 1st page parinaekatu use of intelligence in the 1st page of a Google search, asking it. 

First, you must go to this link .Google AdWords Keyword Tool names of all SEO Keyword Tool kachara of Optimizer is very popular.
Go here if you want to make that kind of Keyword Keyword is the site Enter one keyword or phrase per line of type on karunaerapara Get keyword Ideas Click on the keyword to find the keyword at all tathyayemana how Advertiser Competition, last month, how many times saraca has been, Global Monthly Search Volume esabaapani from much lower than that of all keyword Advertiser Competition Local Search Volume was more than she does, but all you have to choose the keyword. 
For example, you download songs (song Download) A site banabenakintu There is too much at song Download keyword Advertiser Competition.
You can search by keyword in the first place, so if you have a very kathinakintu (song marathi, dhoom download,) keyword in the keyword at the site because of the spell, but the Local Search Volume Advertiser Competition less than besitai contrast, if your keyword Site content 
is the best that can be expected, however, in contrast to the keyword search on the 1st page of Google, we know thakabenakarana lower case to upper case is available in many more hits. 
I try to see me.
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